Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Adoption stories

Hello again. Long time no blog. That's because I'm not really a 'blogger' as such, but I am a writer.

I am hoping to write a book about the adoption process. The home visits, the training, panel and matching etc. If any of you have any stories you would like to share with me please drop me an email or comment on here. I'm after true stories, anecdotes, quotes and thoughts. Whether they're good or bad, happy or sad, you could help me write a book that gives people a balanced, insightful look into the adoption process itself.

Rather than being an academic style handbook, this is about real stories and positive attitudes. The adoption process gets so much bad press it potentially puts people off in their hundreds, and we need good adopters to give forever homes to the children that deserve them. Have you got something to say? Then please say it to me and it could make it into a book for potential adopters to read.

I look forward to hearing your stories.

Helen x

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